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My Diet Diary is free weight monitoring software that helps you to monitor your weight. You can use it to track your eating habits as you try to lose weight. You can log in daily and input your food intake and look up the calorie counts of the food you are eating. Unlike other programs that do not help you figure out the calories contained in your food log, this program has the diary and the calorie lookup all in one place.

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Features of My Diet Diary:

  • Keep Up With Calories: When you enter your food that you have eaten and drinks you had for the day, then a graph is made to show you the amount you took in versus the amount your body needed. This can be less or more then you needed, but either way your weight will be affected. The calorie counting feature is very helpful when you are planning your meals.
  • Weight Loss: You can track the weight you lose because there is a place to put your starting weight. You can track your progress and plan the target you are trying to achieve. The program works with you to help you take in and burn the amount of calories you need to reach your ideal weight. You can be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.
  • [advt]Easy To Use Interface: The program makes it easy to keep up with what you are eating because it is very easy to use. Logging your calories is so simple because you do not have to go to a different site or program to count them. You are able to look them up directly from diet diary. This saves a lot of time, and you can basically just plug in your meals and go. The graphs make it very easy to follow along with your progress. You can easily tell when you need to adjust.

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