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Box is an Android mobile app gives you 5 GB FREE space to view and share files from anywhere, it collaborative sync goes far beyond simple storage and outofsync updates. It will be able to preview documents, media file and Web documents, upload photos, media and documents stored on their Android handset to box for safe keeping, browse files and folders, share Box links to files and folders via e-mail; and search for files.
Box is to make it easy for you to access, collaborate and share your business content, wherever you are. it’s content sharing, accessing and storage capabilities into other Android business applications.

Download Box from Android Market



  • View files directly on your Android
  • Find files fast with intext search
  • Share files easily with a link
  • [advt]Upload files from your device to Box
  • Upgrade to Box Business to collaborate with shared workspaces and sync files to your PC for offline access.
  • Browse through files and folders
  • View and share files on-the-go
  • Upload files from your phone to Box
  • Find files fast with built-in search
  • Supports devices with Android OS 2.0 and above

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