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Inkscape is an open source drawing tool that uses the World Wide Web Consortium’s  scalable vector graphics format (SVG). The word Inkscape comes from the words ink and landscape. Inkscape is cross-platform and runs on Mac OS X ,Unix-like operating systems, and Microsoft Windows.

Some supported SVG features include basic shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, and grouping. In addition, Inkscape supports Creative Commons’ metadata, node-editing, layers, complex path operations, text-on-path, text-in-shape, and SVG XML editing. It also imports several formats like EPS, PostScript, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF and exports PNG as well as multiple vector-based formats.

Inkscape has multi-lingual support, particularly for complex scripts, something currently lacking in most commercial vector graphics applications.

It is useful for drawing:

  • [advt]Illustrations for the Web
  • Graphics for mobile phones
  • Simple line drawings
  • Cartoons
  • Complex works of art
  • Figures for articles and books
  • Organization charts

The file format that Inkscape uses is compact and quickly transmittable over the Internet. It is powerful and can describe complex drawings that are scalable to any size.

Support for the format has been added to web browsers and is already included in many mobile phones. Inkscape supports the drawing of regular shapes (rectangles, circles, etc.), arbitrary paths, and text. These objects can be given a wide variety of attributes such as color, gradient or patterned fills, alpha blending, and markers. Objects can be transformed, cloned, and grouped. Hyperlinks can be added for the purpose of web browsers.

Inkscape is available for download  Inscape Windows desktops as a stand alone software tool.

Inkscape Software Tool for USB drive

Inkscape is also available as a portable tool with the platform. The platform acts as a launching pad for a wide range of portable applications from

If you want Inkscape to be launched directly from a directory, without any installation, you can extract the file to a directory in your USB drive or your PC’s disk drive and then run the application directly from the directory. This will not add any entry in the registry. You can simply copy these extracted files to anywhere and run immediately without any other installation process.

If you want Inkscape to be launched from Portableapps Launch platform, first you have to download and install the Portable apps launch platform in USB or PC. Then install Inkscape using Portable apps launch platform. [Portable apps launch platform can install and provide shortcuts to all your downloaded portable applications from]

Download  Inkscape portable for your USB Drive

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