ExhibitCore Floor Planner – Design Floors Online

ExhibitCore Floor Planner is free online floor plan software that allows you to design the way your exhibits will look at your trade show or other event you need to have a floor plan for. You can easily drag furniture and other items from an extensive menu on the screen and place them where you would like on the mock floor plan. You can use the actual props and items you will be using in your show to see exactly what they will look like.

The way this floor plan maker is set up the furniture and other accessories are their actual size compared to the venue so you will really be able to see what it will look like. This type of attention to detail when planning can save you time and energy when preparing your booth.


  • Easy to Use: You will not need any experience in designing software or floor planning software; you will be able to pick this program up quickly and easily become efficient at it. There are instructions on the site if you get stuck so you should not have any trouble using the site. You can feel free to play around with the demo version of the program before you register. You will not be able to save your work, but you will be able to get a feel for the program.
  • Share with Social Networks: You will be able to easily share your designs on sites like Facebook. This is helpful if you have a team involved and would like their approval. It is easy to share to social media networks from the program which also saves you time.
  • [advt]Custom Symbols: While there is a large database available for you to use when you are designing your rooms, you still may want to use some symbols that they do not have. This is where the feature to customize your symbols and the things you will need for your rooms.

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