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DiskBoss is free file managing software that you can use to utilize the disk space on your computer. You can set the way your files are classified and can retain your file information for categories to help you keep your file space organized. You can then find the most efficient way to use your file space. It allows you to do is save files from multiple computers.

All file management operations are integrated in a centralized and easy-to-use GUI application with a built-in file navigator allowing one to execute any required operation in a single mouse click. Frequently used file management operations may be pre-configured as user-defined commands and executed using the GUI application or direct desktop shortcuts.

It is a highly extendable and customizable data management solution allowing one to design custom file classification plugins and purpose-built file management operations using an open and easy-to-use XML-Based format. Custom disk space analysis and file management operations may be integrated into the product, executed periodically at specific time intervals, performed as conditional actions in other operations or automatically triggered by one or more changes in a disk or directory.

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  • Organize Your File Space: It will allow you to not only keep up with how much space you have left in the file saving sense, it also will tell you exactly what is taking up the space and help you make the best use of it.
  • Great storage space: You can store up to 250, it has plenty of space for your work, or your project. It can detect over 2000 types of files and will organize them to your specifications.
  • Command Feature: There is a built in user controlled command feature that allows you to steer your DiskBoss files. When using this software you can apply different categories and file groups to assist in better organization. There is also the feature that will allow you to create charts to track the amount of disk space that might be left; this is a very helpful feature.
  • [advt]Deletion of Duplicates: It will search through all of your files and hunt the duplicates. This is one of the most efficient ways to free up space on your hard drive. This saves time because you do not have to search for the duplicates manually which would take a while. This type of disk cleanup is important to keep your
  • Easy Search: You can search for files with DiskBoss by name, size, type and many other fields. DiskBoss makes it easy to sort through and find the files that you need quickly and easily.

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