Hard Drive Powerwash – Hard Drive Cleaning Software for Windows

Hard Drive Powerwash is free windows software to clean up your hard drive by removing all the file clutter and junk from your system drive and external and network drives. It browsers save all the contents of any web page you open. It saves the images, texts, scripts and cookies from the page and these files occupy a lot of space on our system and slows down the speed of the computer making it less efficient which is very annoying.

It checks for unnecessary files of more than 50 kinds. Additionally, it deletes your internet tracks including cookies, typed URLs and other form data for Internet Explorer and Firefox. And it allows you to add custom file typesor custom folders that should be deleted.

Download Hard Drive Powerwash 


  • It cleans up your system of any  temporary files
  • It deletes internet tracks including cookies, URL’s and any data for that matter
  • It is very fast and efficient
  • [advt]It deletes the history of your last visited website
  • It improves your PC’s speed and performance
  • It has an easy and user friendly interface

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