Whathefont – Web Based Font Recognition Tool

Whathefont is web based font recognition tool that identifies the font type (Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma etc.) by scanning font image. It only requires a few letters to identify the font and accepts both colored and black & white images. They scan the image and tell you list of possible font names. It came up with a image with font Eras Bold ITC(left) and upload to Whathefont to see it can tell the font name.


How it works?

  • 1. Upload the font image (or enlarged screenshot) from your PC or URL.
  • 2. WhatTheFont will highlight and identify each character in the uploaded image and ask you to confirm whether the valid character is highlighted.
  • 3. See a list of matching fonts.

Once the font has been identified WhatTheFont will list some links from where you can purchase it. Don’t feel like paying? You can try looking it up on one of the free font directories that were profiled earlier. The only thing you need is the font name.

Additional Details

  • [advt]Recognize fonts from any images.
  • Supported images formats: GIF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP.
  • The number of characters in the images should not exceed 25 characters.

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