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Color Desker is desktop wallpaper manager software. It switch your wallpaper occasionally to one of your favorite images. It actually works from a server-side regularly updated database of images, which means you don’t have to go searching for new pictures: the author will manage all that for you.

Download Color Desker

This does of course mean you’re dependent to some extent on someone else’s idea of what good desktop wallpaper should be. For the most part Color Desker’s images are well chosen, though. As it write there are 252 wallpapers available, mostly spectacular landscape shots, and if you’d like to sample something new at any point then just press Ctrl+Shift+W and Color Desker will update your desktop immediately.

[advt]It also provides a right-click option to rate particular images, further improving results. Tell Color Desker that you “Love” some images, “Hate” others, and it’ll adjust its recommendations appropriately.

What you don’t get here are the usual options for automating wallpaper changes. You can’t choose to revamp your desktop every Monday morning, say, or when you first log on. And Color Desker is also rather resource-heavy, grabbing at least 50MB of RAM.

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