Chat with Users of your Website or Mobile App Using Userlike Tool

Userlike is free live chat tool for your website and mobile apps. Userlike helps you to assist your website visitors at those crucial moments that decide whether they become valuable customers or remain just another set of wandering visitors. The on-site chats allow you to help your visitors overcome any obstacle they might be experiencing, right at the moment they are experiencing it.  Website chat also allows users to be in touch with business colleagues using accessible web interfaces conveniently, without the need to install and be an expert in such chat software.

Features of Userlike

  • Website Integration:
  •  Gives you the chance to communicate with your website visitors, and even receive feedbacks in return.
  • iOS Integration: Facilitates users to keep in touch with you and gives them an out-of-the-box experience of mobile customer service.
  • Instant Messenger of Choice: Allows you to use your desired instant messengerfor you to receive chats wherever you go. Also provides download links of most preferred instant messengers for you to choose.
  • Team Work: Suits groups with multiple chat agents. Incoming chats are managed to your respective agents and despite of their location, they can still communicate with your users. So working together is still possible.
  • Assist & Sell: Brings live information and updates of your users which will help you deal with them more efficiently. And even when you are offline, Userlike still does the job for you.
  • Instant Live Test:
  •  Provides a preview so you will know if Userlike suites your website.


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