Comodo BOClean – Free Software that Destroy Malware on Your PC

Comodo BOClean is free security software that keeps your computer safe and secure due to its ability to destroy malware on your PC. It runs in the background without interrupting your work, meaning that you get constant malware protection.

It monitors all the suspicious activities on your PC and destroys different types of malicious files. A decent mail from a friend may be masking spam or a site could be an imposter which might try to steal your personal information or find a way to exploit the security features. All your private information can get hijacked by unknown sites.

Download Comodo BOClean

Features :

  • [advt]Comodo BOClean removes bad registry entries
  • The free malware removal software gives you reports and doesn’t drain on your resources
  • It does not reboot your computer upon eliminating malware, keeping up your free malware protection
  • The free security utility protects your computer against ‘ Trojan horse’ attacks, spam proxies and spam relays
  • It gives you updates for the latest anti malware protection to ensure that you maintain constant malware protection
  • Free, automated updates

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