Kylo – Free Web Browser that Designed for Big Screens

Kylo is a free web browser that has been designed for the big screens. For example, if you plugin your computer with your TV, then Kylo browser is an ideal browser to use at that time. The user can browse from the couch without having to use the keyboard or mouse.

Kylo lets you surf the web with ease from across the room. It features large icons and bold text you won’t find in standard browsers. The last thing you need is another piece of equipment cluttering your coffee table. Use Kylo’s onscreen keyboard instead Quick and intuitive, it lets you input web addresses, instant messages, and even emails using a classic QWERTY interface.

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  • Spacious and clutter free: With kylo, the user has a larger real estate on the screen to work with and this is convenient. As said earlier Kylo has been designed with big screens like TV screens in mind. This does not mean that Kylo is just a blown up web browser. This comes with a lot of unique features that makes it different from conventional web browser. More space means icons can be accommodated in the page easily and the user can use them instead of clicking on text links and lists of text.
  • Bigger fonts and buttons: Bigger fonts and buttons make the browser even more convenient. The user need not keep scrolling through the pages and search for the obscured links or buttons. Size is one factor which is very important while using such web browsers where the user operates it from a considerable distance
  • On screen Keyboard: Keyboard become really annoying with all those wires and the space that they occupy. Kylo has an efficient solution for this problem. And that is onscreen keyboard, which is quick and intuitive. This allows the user to type in the web urls while browsing and even type quick messages while chatting.
  • [advt]Zooming and pan options: The kylo browser contains zoom and pan options that allow the users to view the screen content with a lot more comfort. The user can zoom the screen, pan it and scroll through the content, while viewing from a considerable distance.


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