Download ComicsViewer – Image Viewer for Scanned Comics

ComicsViewer is an image viewer specially tailored to viewing scanned comics. It has a rotated view mode that allows you to view the images with your screen in portrait orientation. It is also able to directly display images stored in ZIP and RAR files without prior extraction.

Download ComicsViewer

[advt]Developed specifically for the comic image viewer, built a lot of comic-specific features. Novice can use bookmarks, site protection, one-touch browsing and other feature to get more convenience than ACDSee; veteran can not use the ACDSee image enhancement of the display technology, access to the most perfect display. Currently supports JPG, UFO, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ton, WMP, PDG format, directly from the ZIP (cbz), RAR (cbr) file to read image files without the need to generate temporary files.


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