Teamwork Project Manager – Online Project Management Application

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. It helps you get organized and take control of your current projects, task lists, milestones, files, notebooks, resources and time.

Project Management

Managing projects online.Project management software, no matter how big or small a project, Teamwork project Manager will help you take control.

Complete Control

The Dashboard gives a quick over-view of all your projects. TeamworkPM shows everything you need to know at a glance, keeping you up to date with recent activity on all projects.

  • Quick over-view of recent activity
  • Easy access to all your projects
  • Clever, informative tabs

Easily Navigate your Projects

A list of projects on the left hand side of the page allows you to easily select from all your projects. There’s also a Switch Project feature which gives you quick access to the last 5 projects you worked on.

Task Management

Online Task Manager, Create task lists, add tasks to ensure you and your staff meet your milestone goals.

Assign Tasks

[advt]With TeamworkPM, you can assign tasks to staff, co-workers and contractors in seconds. TeamworkPM streamlines the process of adding and assigning tasks and unlike many other online project management systems, allows you to assign tasks to several people instead of just one person.

  • Due dates on tasks.
  • Assign tasks to one or several people.
  • Attach files and comments to a task.
  • Set task priority and percentage complete
  • Log time against a task.
  • Notify people about a task.
  • Email your tasks to a project

Project Management

TeamworkPM allows you to take a birds eye view of all you projects and visualize your overall schedule. This is a great benefit for teams that manage multiple projects and need to plan ahead for multiple projects.

Milestone Tracking

Schedule milestones within a project. Milestone manager, check deadlines to make sure they are met.

Milestones Overview

The main Milestones view displays a quick calendar view showing all your upcoming Milestones in your Project. You can also quickly view:

  • Late milestones
  • Upcoming milestones
  • Completed milestones
  • Messages
  • Help your team communicate with messages! Group them in specific categories to find them fast.

Message features

  • Attach files to a message.
  • User photo – quickly identify the message poster by their profile photo.
  • Private, owner company only messages.
  • Send notifications of new messages.
  • Archive messages
  • Organize Messages by Category.


File Management

Make sure everyone has what they need when they need it! Add multiple files to a project in one go.

File section features

The file section within a project is where you can store all project related files so you can have easy access to them when ever you require them.

  • Multiple file upload.
  • Ability to mark some files as private; for only the owner company.
  • Ability to notify users on a project about new files.
  • Comment on files.
  • Organize files by categories.
  • Quick view of graphical files.

Time Tracking

TeamworkPM allows you to easily track both normal and billable time on your projects.

Time can be logged in a number on ways

The time tab allows you to quickly see how much time you and staff have spent working on a project.

  • Log time with TeamworkPM’s timer.
  • You can enter time free hand into the time page along with a description.
  • Time can be logged against individual tasks directly from the task page.

Time reports

  • Easily create custom reports of time logged on a project
  • View all time spent logged on a project or across multiple projects.
  • View time reports of staff on either one project or across all projects.
  • Generate reports based on time span, ie between certain dates.
  • Export your report and time log entries as either Excel, CSV or PDF.

Desktop Timer App

Using the Desktop Timer Application, you can import your upcoming tasks from Teamwork and start timers. When you you’re finished each task you can log your time directly to Teamwork PM.

  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Import your upcoming Teamwork tasks
  • Log time as billable or not billable
  • Auto-pause and resume for when you take a break
  • Full and Compact views


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