Yoga Fitness – Health Fitness Android App

Yoga Fitness brings health & well being with 30 postures for free. It features include ranging from basic postures to advanced, all created with the help of professional yoga trainers.
Each pose is displayed as a 3D animation that you can watch from all perspectives. You can also repeat, slow down or stop the playback at any time. Simply select the postures you are comfortable with – you can adapt the level of difficulty to your personal skills.

Download Yoga Fitness for Android


  • 30 postures for free[androidqrcode:]
  • Read descriptions of the positive effects Yoga can have on your body and mind and get detailed advice how to perform each pose.
  • Build sequences of up to 16 poses, of varying duration.
  • Immerse yourself in atmosphere music while watching these liberating exercises. You’ll get 30 postures for free. There’s also the chance to get an extension pack of 5 additional exercises inside the app.

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