Picsviewr – Create Slideshows, Presentations with Your Flickr Photos

Picsviewr is an free online application for Flickr users with templates to arrange your photos in a variety of different ways. It proposes 8 different templates (some written in Flash, others in HTML/JS) to suit Flickr user needs.  Picsviewr turns your Flickr photos and turn them into visually stimulating presentations. Without having to sign up for an account to use the site, you can just enter your Flickr username into the field and you have a link to your slideshow.

Picsviewr enhances Flickr gallery browsing into visually interesting experience. With Picsviewr users can also set the quality of the images they view and for a note the feature may not function with a couple of templates. Overall Picsviewr offers Flickr users a neat, interactive and free place to view the images they want to see at Flickr.

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