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steekRsteekR is an online application to share your files. With steekR store your music, photos, videos and other files. With steekR, you can listen and View your media files in a browser, streamed anywhere and anytime and swap, share and Download your files among friends.

You get your free personal steekR account, with a capacity of 1GB. With steekR, you can enjoy handy features like drag-and-drop file transfers, from you desktop to your virtual storage space, just like you are used to do when using an external hard-disk.

On steekR, you also have the option to share files of your choice with your contacts, simply by sending them a download link. They can immediately use the files, there’s no need for a steekR account. It’s all in the share link

With steekR, you can also set specific folder to be editable, so your contacts will be able to upload files for you. steekR is simply the best way to collaborate an exchange multimedia files.

steekR is being improved and extended on regular basis. Every week, we will uncover new features, like the upcoming free photos, music and video content accessible directly from your steekR account, new ways to share your files and more. The basic 1GB steerk account is free, no strings attached.

Key Features

  • Free online storage[advt]
  • Share Photos, Documents, RSS online
  • Mobile data access
  • Data networking
  • Storage Solution
  • Virtual hard drive
  • Remote backup
  • Internet uploading
  • Thumb drive
  • Storage disk
  • Remote access
  • Web hosting
  • Group collaboration
  • Gigabyte of storage
  • Group access
  • Online disk storage
  • Online data storage
  • File storage online
  • Personal online space
  • Secure file sharing
  • Online photo sharing
  • Backup data
  • Mobile media browser
  • Network storage solution
  • Internet file storage
  • Backup remote

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