Chinese Mobile Phones without IMEI Number Banned in India

India banned import of mobile phones that lack unique IMEI number. Import of Mobile handsets without International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number or with all Zeroes IMEI is prohibited. IMEI is a 15-digit code which appears on the operator’s network whenever a call is made. The IMEI number helps authorities track users.

Concerned over the national security, the Department of Telecommunications had earlier asked operators to disconnect services to handset that does not have an IMEI number. GSM service providers have already said that they would deny connectivity to cellphones without IMEI number.


Mobiles phones without IMEI number are considered a grave security threat and concerns had been raised over their usage after terrorist attacks like the one in Mumbai in November last year.

There are over 380 million mobile phone users in India. An estimated eight lakh such phones come into the country every month from China. These are unbranded and cost a lot less than the branded variety. Approximately 30 million such phones are in use at present.

source: TOI,

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