The 35 Years History of Bar Code Scanning

The bar code, with its 59 black and white bars, turns 35. The bar code made its debut at 8:06 a.m. on June 26, 1974 to read the price on a 10-pack of Juicy Fruit gum (67 cents) at a Marsh supermarket in Troy, Ohio. Today bar codes are scanned more than 10 billion times a day around the world. The package of gum is in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Manufacturers recognized its importance and requested a product to decode the bar code and in 1980, LS100, the first hand held portable scanner was introduced by Symbol, a company that was acquired by Motorola in 2007. From the introduction by Symbol Technologies of the LS100, the first handheld scanner in 1980, to the sale of the three-millionth LS2208 scanner in 2008, Motorola’s barcode scanning experts have led the World in innovation, usability and sales.



more @ NYT, CIOL

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