India is Likely to Become Second Largest Wirless Network in The World

India’s TRAI (Telecoms Regulatory Authority ) has reported that the total number of telephone connections in India has reached 290.11 million at the end of February 2008, with the overall tele-density is 25.31% at the end of February 2008. The total wireless subscribers base is at 250.93 million at the end of February 2008.

The current subscriber base of USA is 256 million and adding about 2-3 million subscribers every month, where as China is adding around 6-7 million subscribers in a month and India’s monthly wireless subscriber addition is highest in the range of 8-9 million a month. Thus the TRAI expects that India’s wireless subscriber base during the first half of April 2008 will surpass that of USA and will become second largest wireless network in the world, second only to China. [via cn]

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