Chikka X Messenger – Web Based Free Text Messages

In 2006 we wrote about Chikka Messenger from to send free text messages from PC to mobile phones.

Now has came up with the new web-based version of Chikka Messenger, Chikka X Messenger. The new version, which can be accessed at lets you connect to your buddies in Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, MSN and ICQ directly from the web login.

Free PC to Mobile Messaging is also supported in the website. The list of operators supporting chikka is also expanded. You can send the message to your friends mobile by clicking on the phone icon to send to your buddy´s mobile phone. If your buddy´s mobile number is supported by chikka, the SMS is send free. Otherwise you will be alerted before sending with Chikka TXT Plus. You can also send international SMS to mobiles in 200 countries at very affordable rates, through Chikka TXT Plus – which is not free.


You need to enter the mobile in international format country code + mobile number (Example: 919349311111). You can also assign a screen name for your buddy.

Once you´re logged in to the Chikka X Messenger, you can also sign-in your Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, MSN and ICQ accounts. Click on the IM Accounts link on the messenger and choose your IM network and enter your user name and password. Your list of available buddies will appear in your buddy list found on the right side of your screen. You can add both registered Chikka users as well as non-Chikka users with mobile phones as buddies.

According to the chikka website, Chikka supports Airtel, RIM, Reliance Telecom, BSNL, MTNL, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Spice, Idea and Aircel networks in India.

Do you use chikka? Does the free PC to mobile SMS work for you?


  1. hi. .just wnt to know why i cant logon to

    when i always try to,its always invalid email although its coerrect. .

  2. hi i cant send message to my friend from newzealand using chikka..i dnt know why..can u pls help me what is the code for that?

  3. Before, I’m using the chikka X web messenger, And it was good in terms of sending an sms over the web. But now, I don’t know what happened, I cannot enter/logon to the chikka web messenger, It will opening only to the web asking for username & password, after I entered it, the “Login Button” are disabled and not working, for that I can’t log-on to my chikka account. Anyone can help me to my query? or do possible maybe there is have something happened to my Computer Internet settings / configuration that I needed to adjust. Please! Help?

  4. hi im kris i cannot log in to mu chikka accountim using 2 accounts but i cant logon what will i do please help mei dont know what to do!is chikka had problems this past 2 days or whats please tell me.thank you for your cooperation

  5. Yes, I’ve been using Chikka for more than 3 years already. I use it to send free SMS to my friends and family in the US and UK (which save me from incurring international SMS costs ;)). I personally think a Chikka web messenger is a fantastic idea — I find it laborious to download the client every time I use a different PC.

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