Send Free Group SMS Using Indyarocks

Want to send a message to your group of friends for free. provides free group SMS to all registerd users. Using Indyarocks, you can send SMS to you friends on Indyarocks, send a group SMS to your friends and also send SMS to any India mobile number.

You can send FREE sms to a group of friends on Indyarocks by clicking on the My Friends link under the Friends Menu or the Group SMS link under the Mobile menu.

How to create a Friend Group on Indyarocks?

  • Please visit My Friends page under Friends Menu and click on Group Settings button.
  • [advt]Select New to create a new group or select an existing group to edit.
  • Click on Save to save the group or Delete button to delete the selected group.
  • Once a group is created select the Friends on the My Friends page and click on Edit Group and select the Group the friend should be part of.
  • Note: To create a group you need to have at least one friend on Indyarocks.[source]

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