Anothr from – Get RSS Feeds to Google Talk, MSN and Skype

Anothr, by the Chinese internet startup, is a micropipeline bot which enables you to deliver personalized information from various feeds to your Instant Messengers just in time.

You can add RSS/Atom feeds to the Anothr bot on Google Talk, MSN, Skype, etc. and get notified in the IM when a new entry is posted. This helps you to subscribe to your favorite blogs, news, communities, etc.. via the IMs.

To use Anothr bot, add the bot to the instant messenger. Anothr provides bots for Google Talk ( [email protected] ), MSN ( [email protected] ) and Skype ( ). Once the bot is added, the bot sends you the necessary information regarding the next step. Send ? for help. All the feeds and delivery options can be managed on “Anothr” web service.

You can add a feed by typing the URL (eg:, or search for feeds by input keyword(eg: teck). The bot automatically discovers the RSS feed from the website address. The bot polls the feeds on a specified time interval, the default is 15 minutes.

Bot Commands:
List your feeds and ID: List
Delete a feed: – [Feed ID] (e.g.”- 1″)
Set alert interval: Timer [Minutes](e.g.”Timer 30″)
Suggestions: Ideas [Content]
Invite a friend: Invite
More commands: Menu
Read: Read [ID] (e.g.”Read 1″)
Tag: Tag [ID] [Tag name]
Pause: Pause [ID]
Replay: Replay [ID]
Let bot leave chat group: GO OUT

Anothr: checking validation of the feed ( ), please wait…
Done!(Feed ID is 2, type “- ID” to delete the feed, type “Read ID” to read the feed)
Your current alert interval is 15 minute(s), type “Timer [Minute]” (e.g.” Timer 30″ for 30 minutes) to change.

Subscribe by AnothrSubscribe via Skype/Gtalk/MSN

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