Canon EOS 70D – Redefining Video Recording Using DSLR

Canon and Nikon are the top competitors in the Digital Camera market. Both are the forerunners in the semi professional and professional camera segment since the digital era. The affordable DSLR [Digital Single Lens Reflex] cameras are called semi professional cameras. They are quite perfect for clicking a quality image.

These cameras also offer HD video recording facility, but the professionals dare not to choose that option, since those cameras are not designed for that function in specific. But now, Canon has introduced a new camera to its EOS series, namely the Canon EOS 70D, which is specifically designed for high quality video recording.

Even though it shares its root with EOS 60D, Canon has successfully added changes to EOS 70D. One of the major modifications is the introduction of  Dual Pixel CMOS AF which includes double the number of pixels for improved focusing. 40.3 Million photodiodes are there on the sensor. Canon explains the result is like 20 million people tracking the focus with both eyes.

Just like the EOS 7D, this one also has 19 AF points. It also sports an improved low-light sensitivity [ISO 100-12,800, 25,600 in expanded mode]. The Vary Angle Display sports touch functionality, using which the users can adjust the focus without changing the composition. The phone has a 7fps capture mode, multi-shot noise reduction mode, mic jack and uncompressed HDMI output.

The product may be available from September onwards. Canon had released few videos shot using EOS 70 D.

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