BufferZone Pro – Free Security Software for PC

BufferZone Pro is free security software that creates a virtual zone where you can download anything, surf anywhere and do any kind of online activity securely and safely. Once you are inside the virtualized zone, you can download anything, open e-mail attachments, e-shop and e-Bank, browse, chat safely and without worrying about any internet attacks. Anything that goes into your virtual zone cannot infect your PC, and you can clear buffer zone anytime you want.

There are some programs online which can enter your PC and start making modifications to your registry and hard drive without letting you know. Most of these modifications are inoffensive but if they are, a single infected file or program can damage the complete your PC’s entire system. It creates a virtual zone where you can do any internet related work safely. Normal Anti-virus software can only identify known viruses and can clean them.

Download BufferZone Pro


  • Surf & Download Safely: With BufferZone Pro, you can browse the internet and access to anywhere without worrying about any known or unknown threat. Just check if the buffering mode is active and safely do any internet related work without worrying about any threat.
  • Open e-mail attachments: You can safely open your e-mail attachments in BufferZone Pro’s virtual area. The virtual zone keeps all kind of threats from infecting and accessing your PC so you don’t have to worry about malicious attacks.
  • [advt]Share and Chat: Enjoy instant web chat and Peer-2-Peer communities with total safety and privacy.
  • E-bank: Manage your e-Shop and e-Bank accounts in BufferZone Pro’s safe and trusted environment.
  • Protect your privacy: keep your personal files and folders safe from unwanted malicious web attacks.


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