Download Apple QuickTime – Support Online and Offline Use

Apple QuickTime does not aim to support every known video format, just a select few with the aim of providing the best possible output. By taking advantage of H.264 technology, the player supports a wide range of mobile formats as well as high definition, all without resorting to gigantic file sizes. It is used in online and offline use.

The player can be used to view local video files and well as streaming media found online, and interactive videos make it possible to take virtual tours of well-known landmarks. Online video will be automatically adjusted to make the best use of available bandwidth and should you suffer a dropped connection, you can just pick up from where you left off. QuickTime prides itself on being easy to use, and no configuration is needed to get started. That said, controls are available to adjust the speed of playback and well as audio settings.

Download Apple QuickTime

[advt]On the sound front, support for 24-track audio provides a real surround sound experience and the program can be used to play a variety of leading audio formats. A popular format used by digital cameras, QuickTime really should be installed on your computer for the best video experience.

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