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Exstora is a planner and organizer software, with a user-friendly interface and appealing design. The planner is equally suited for daily events as well as keeping track of long-term events with a calendar.  It also works well as a scratch pad for random notes, and can be password-protected.

Download Exstora

The important note is recorded, and the issue seems to have been resolved. But just when you thought it was OK, you discover the note is needed again only to find that it is buried somewhere under a pile of similar scraps, while the temporary text file has been moved to trash or lost somewhere on the network disk of an unknown server.

[advt]With Exstora, you can write down a thought that comes to your mind as soon as possible. To create a new note, just double-click next to the corresponding section. Scheduling events and creating plans for the future has never been easier and more comfortable than with Exstora personal organizer(PIM). Just select a date in the built-in calendar and double-click it to enter the scheduled event or TODO item. It is really easy to create a diary in Exstora: open the Diary tab and type the interesting things that happened today.

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