Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have been browsing the internet for years, you would already be knowing these shortcuts. I am posting these browsing productivity tips for new users. These are the most commonly used browser keyboard shortcuts that work in Internet Explorer, Firefox browsers and many other browsers.

F6 or ALT+D or CTRL+L – Focus the cursor on the address bar and type new address.

Enter a word in the address bad press CTRL + ENTER to auto-complete http://www.*.com/. For example, type ananthapuri in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER, the browser will automatically convert to

SHIFT+ENTER auto-completes the *.net and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER auto-completes *.org.

  • CTRL+E to focus the cursor on search bar in the browser.
  • CTRL+N to open a new window.
  • CTRL+T to open a new tab in the current window.
  • CRTL+W to close a tab.
  • F11 to toggle between full-screen and other views.
  • ALT+HOME to go to the homepage.
  • F5 or CTRL+R to refresh the webpage.
  • CTRL+F5 to force refresh the current Web page, even if the timestamp for the Web version and your locally stored version are the same.
  • CTRL+I to open the Bookmarks/Favorites box.
  • CTRL+H to open the History box.
  • CTRL+D to add the current page to your bookmarks/favorites.

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