IMSafer – Keep Your Kids Safer Online

IMSafer is a web-based service for parents to protect their kids from potentially dangerous interactions by monitoring the online relationships they have through instant messaging and social networking sites. The service is released in October 2006, and the service has improved a lot. Above all, this service is now provided free for everyone.

IMSafer can monitor Microsoft, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MySpace and Meebo messengers. IMSafer supports any IM program that uses these protocols like Trilian. IMSafer supports MySpace, Bebo and Facebook social networks. IMSafer will soon be adding support for GTalk and Skype. Since Orkut is not that popular in the USA, I guess it is still not in their high priority list.

In order to enable IMSafer in your kids’ computer, download and install the free application (<5MB) from the website. IMSafer automatically detects the screen names and social networking profiles of your kids and start monitoring the accounts. The parent doesn't have to do anything. IMSafer will send you emails when a potentially dangerous situation arises. You can log on to IMSafer website and view the details.

IMSafer monitors and alerts:
1. Someone looking to make direct contact (i.e. coming to your house)
2. Someone looking to make indirect contact (i.e. calling a phone)
3. Personal information (i.e. phone numbers)
4. Obscene language
5. Specific and sexual references to body parts
6. Specific references to sexual acts
7. Anything related to pedophilia

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