– Free Web Service for Group Filesharing is a free web service that requires absolutely no sign up. It lets you create ‘boxes’ or ‘private URLs where you can upload any number of files in any format and any size. File sharing is as easy as sharing the URL. Any one can upload more files to your ‘box’ and download the ones you’ve added. The service auto generates a URL that you can rename and start uploading files to. Each time you want to add a new file, click the Upload a file button and select multiple files at once to upload.

You do not have to remember multiple URLs to share files. Instead, friends can easily share files amongst themselves by keeping track of a single URL the URL of their box. It has no security anyone who has the URL can access the files so you definitely wouldn’t want to use the service to store or share anything confidential.


  • [advt]A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps share files with friends.
  • Stores your uploaded files in a virtual box.
  • Friends can download your files from the box and upload their own files.

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