GQueues – List Oriented Task Manager Integrated with Google Signin

GQueues is a list oriented task manager with subtasks, due dates, assignments, tagging, and other neat features. But its integration with Google sign in, Calendar and Google Apps make it more than just another todo app.  It is free, as email/SMS reminders, task assignments, and the advanced Calendar integration require a $25/year subscription. Even on its free terms, though, GQueues is a nice looking app that uses Google OAuth signin, so you don’t give it your password and yet don’t have to create a new password.

You create tasks, subtasks, notes, and tags on todo items in a familiar fashion, and can also share those tasks with others, embed them in a public or private web page, and move items around in priority order using drag and drop.

GQueues is an app for managing your todo lists. The bulk of the window is taken up by your current todo list, while on the lefthand side of the page you also have “My Queues”, “Smart Queues” and “Friend Queues”

GQueues also supports a range of more advanced task management/organization features, too. As well as being able to define different lists, you can create subtasks, add notes and tags to tasks, and assign tasks to other people. You can assign due dates and sync them with Google Calendar. You can also custom colorcode each of your lists, which makes it easy to tell which list you’re working on useful if you’re working on a number of projects. With its range of features and its Smart Queues, it’d be easy to set up GQueues so it worked as part of a GTD system.

There’s no iPhone app, but you can use an iPhone optimized version of the site to access your lists on the go. I’m also happy to see that you can export your lists as a CSV file, should you so wish.

With GQueues you get:

  •  Drag and drop ordering of tasks
  •  Integration with your Apps calendar
  •  Collaboration with coworkers so you can manage lists together
  •  Tagging and Smart Queues for flexible organization
  • [advt] Assignments so you can delegate work
  •  Recurring tasks
  •  Subtasks
  •  Email and SMS reminders for tasks with due dates
  •  Simple keyboard shortcuts
  •  A task Inbox so you can create tasks via email, IM or directly from your calendar
  •  GQueues Mobile to manage work on the go, even offline


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