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Bookboon is an online book publishing company based in London. Bookboon offers freely downloadable PDF eBooks on it’s website, which are exclusively written for Bookboon by professors and experts.

Bookboon offers over 1000 eBooks for university students and business professionals, available in seven languages. Bookboon offer over 600 textbooks for students, written by professors from the best universities in the world for Bookboon.

It offer over 400 eBooks for business professionals, written by experts within their fields for Bookboon. The books cover business relevant themes as persuasive communication, time management, project management & many other areas within personal development. only publishes free and openly available textbooks and ebooks which can be downloaded in PDF without registration. Bookboon aims that students should be able to go through university without having to pay for textbooks.

Users can become authors of Bookboon. They can either choose to help make high quality academic books freely available for students or support business professionals with books about personal development, career stepping stones & various aspects of entrepreneurship.

The authors are paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the books. The level of income depends partly on topic and partly on language. The textbooks are published in English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish languages.

The textbooks are open for studying, printing, sharing and for embedding on user’s website. Bookboon allows users to get an embed-code so that the visitors can download any Bookboon eBook directly from user’s website.

Visit Bookboon here.

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