Read, Download and Publish eBooks for Free is a crowded place in the digital world where you can download & read eBooks for Free. Its a place where independent writers offer books on both fiction and non-fiction, to help you enjoy and find informative stuff for personal as well as corporate growth.

The site allows users to publish their works too. For reading/ downloading or publishing books, you need to Login or Register. The site is also available at Google Play and iTunes Store. The site already has thousands of books in fifty categories to choose from, which is being updated daily.

The site has a promotion scheme for the submitted books, which require users to pay. The eBook will be featured in their homepage with details. The ones who submit books can earn money through Google AdSense accounts. These books will be shown to over 10.4 M visitors.

The submitted books will get real time feedback. Also has been on a process of creating an Online Talk Radio show for authors and bibliophiles. Also you can use CafePress to create and sell a wide variety of products online with zero upfront costs, including your books.

Also you can create articles from the book you submitted with ease using excerpts from your eBook. Also there’s a “Bookmark” button near each of your book listings which helps you to bookmark your own book in as many sites as possible to increase your visibility throughout the web.

The site offers some catchy Custom eBook Covers for you to amaze your readers with a custom cover. Also you can find some good images for your book from iStock. Also you can sell your eBook directly on too!

Register / Login to start using . Mobile users, Download it for Android or Apple !


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