Issuu Digital Publishing Platform – View Books and Magazines for Free is a digital publishing platform which allows free view of digital material such as portfolios, books, magazines, newspapers and other print media. It integrates with social networking sites to promote uploaded material. Some of these materials are downloadable too.

The Issuu clients include Routledge, The World Bank and Cambridge University Press. Issuu’s “Smart Look“option allows other websites to convert their hosted documents to digital Issuu editions.

11 million publications have been published on Issuu till date with a publishing volume of 25,000 new publications each day. Issuu has 72 million readers every month. Even though most of Issuu’s publishers are common people, some of them are among the top names in areas such as fashion, lifestyle, art, sports and global affairs.

[advt]Like Music Playlists, Issuu showcases Stacks. Users can build stacks based on their interests. User can share the stacks too. A user can display his publications online. Issuu provides statistics to the publishers so that they can know what their readers are more interested about.

What does Issuu offer ?

Issuu offers better display quality using vectors and optimized image sizes, better design and usability and easier & intuitive navigation to find the available online viewers.

Users can customize the look and feel by adding their logo, changing the background and colors etc. Issuu supports all major document formats. Users can view Issuu in fullscreen for less distracted reading experience.

Issuu supports audio and dock overview. Docking helps users to easily navigate through pages. Users can also search within the document. Also users can embed their publication on their blogs and websites.

[advt]Users can provide feedback to the publishers while using Issuu. Also the published material via social networks, widgets and email. The display also has a single/double page layout option for better reading experience.

Issuu indexes published documents for search engines and it offers the faster loading time. Issuu also offers secure and reliable hosting.

Issuu allows its readers to continue reading from where they left off, regardless the device they choose next. Issuu partners with Industry giants like Nike, RedBull, NASA, Google, Levi’s, Nokia, MI etc.

Users must Create an Account to start using Issuu.

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