BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to Manage Apple, Blackberry and Android Devices

Blackberry LogoResearch In Motion is introducing BlackBerry Mobile Fusion – its next generation enterprise mobility solution that helps managing mobile devices faster, easier and more organized. From a unified interface, a user will be able to manage BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and devices that use either the Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will bring together three major mobile device management facets through a single web-based console: best-of-breed BlackBerry security/manageability under the BlackBerry Enterprise Server paradigm for BlackBerry smartphones; management of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets; and mobile device management for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android – all from one console.

[advt]BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is already in review with early adopter customers and a closed Beta program will start in January. As for general availability, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is planned for late March, 2012.

Key Features

  • Manage devices, users, groups and policies from a single place: From a single interface, administrators can access the most common management tasks for mobile device management across multiple BlackBerry domains. Administrators can create and manage groups, manage user profiles and provision mobile devices.
  • Manage and secure BlackBerry PlayBook tablets: Features of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion4 enable organizations to manage and secure BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. After associating a tablet with an individual user, administrators can configure the tablet for work purposes using a centralized administrative interface. Administrators can set password requirements, enable encryption of work information, remotely lock tablets or wipe work-related or all information from BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.
  • Manage required and optional work applications: Administrators can support over-the-air installation, upgrading and auditing of required and optional apps for BlackBerry devices. For BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion works with BlackBerry App World to enable administrators to push and install required work apps on users’ tablets. Administrators can also make a catalog of optional apps available for download through the work channel of BlackBerry App World5.
  • Support for devices that use Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems: Use BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to manage and secure devices that use Apple iOS2 and Google Android3 operating systems. Certain features enable administrators to add and import iOS and Android users, create group memberships, view user and device information, define IT policies and connectivity settings, manage apps on devices and assist users in the recovery of misplaced devices.
  • Supports BlackBerry Balance technology for BlackBerry devices: BlackBerry Mobile Fusion includes BlackBerry Balance technology which allows BlackBerry devices to be used for personal and work purposes without compromising management or security. When a BlackBerry device is activated with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a secure, encrypted file system is created for work information and apps. This creates a perimeter between work and personal data and helps keep information secure.
  • Security designed for everyone: A variety of policies provide maximum control with minimal impact to the user experience. For BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion leverages the security of the BlackBerry solution to provide an added layer of protection for the synchronization of email, contacts and calendar information.

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