Astrid Task/To-Do List Manager – Simple Way to Stay Organized and Productive

astrid_logoAstrid is a social to-do list that helps individuals and groups stay organized, get more done and have fun in the process. Astrid’s goal is not to be the most feature-complete task organizer, but to be the most simple solution that helps you stay productive. It is available as android app too.


At its core Astrid is a todo list that helps you get stuff done. Astrid therefore makes it really easy create lists, add tasks, set priority, and set due dates and times.  But Astrid is more than a personal todo list.

Astrid makes it easy to ask for help, delegate and share lists. All your task details are private by default* but it is free and easy to share things with as many people as you want.

Below are some of the features above and beyond the ordinary.


[advt]To share lists simply click on a list and update collaborators in the editing pane on the right. They will then receive an email and will be able to see what you are working on when they look at your list.

In addition to sharing lists, you can easily share tasks with others to get ideas, encouragement or accountability. To share tasks, click on an individual task to open the editing pane

Task Assignment

You can assign any task to someone else. They will then get an email letting them know that they you have assigned something to them.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make it easy for you to manage your tasks efficiently. Here are the shortcuts available to you

n = New task
x = Complete selected task
left arrow = Make due date one day earlier
right arrow = Make due date one day later
p = Postpone task by one week
r = Jumpt o Repeat selector
t = Add a new list to the task
N = Jump to “Add a note” form
c = Jump to “Add a comment” form
1/2/3/4 = Set task priority to !/!!/!!!/!!!!
<Delete> = Delete selected task
f = Add a new list to filter by
o = open/close details panel
l = Cycle through list filters
k = Select previous task
j = Select next task
c=? = Show keyboard shortcut help
To be reminded of the shortcuts, simply press the question mark (?).

Managing multiple accounts

If you have multiple accounts, you can merge them in the settings menu. Click your username in the top right corner of the screen, then click settings.

Add a new email or connect your Astrid account to Facebook or Twitter if you haven’t already.


When visiting a friend’s profile, you have the option to make a task suggestion. Click Suggest something to… and enter a a title, repeating status, note, and recipient(s).

If your recipient accepts your task suggestion, your inspiration count goes up by 1.


Astrid gives you some stats on your productivity to help you stay motivated:

Active: tasks that are still uncompleted
Completed task: tasks you have finished, with repeating tasks counting as many times as you have completed them
Inspired: tasks that others are doing because of you, which includes “do this too” tasks and suggestions that your friends accept
Supported: tasks that you’ve commented on to give advice or nagging support

Daily Digest Emails

Every morning, Astrid greets you with a daily digest, much like the daily briefings delivered to the President of the United States. In your digest you’ll find your top tasks for the day and your overdue task.

In addition, you’ll get a chance to see how your friends are doing with the Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame. The Wall of Fame shows you who has been the most productive of your friends, and the Wall of Shame shows you who has been the least productive or has missed the most deadlines.

Astrid for Android

Astrid for android is the much loved open source todo list / task manager designed to help you get stuff done. It features reminders, lists, sync, a widget, task sharing, optional instant notifications and much more!

Download Astrid for Android


  • Sync with (free way share lists and assign tasks!)
  • Syncs with Google Tasks (with new official API)
  • Syncs with
  • Super fun reminders
  • Custom Filters

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