Create Plans and To-Do Lists Online Using Coolendar

Coolendar is a free day planner that allows to plan upcoming days. User can quickly create plans and generate to-do-list, thereby organizing day or week. Coolendar is a web based day planner. In addition, user have completed any of specified tasks, this free day planner allows to mark the performed task as “Done” which thereby shows a tick mark as you drag your mouse pointer near to the items. User can check entire to-be-done list under the option “All Plans”. If user want to check  plans for the upcoming day, user can click on “Today”, for tomorrow, simply click on “Tomorrow”, and for the entire week, click on “Week”. Apart from to-be-done list, Coolendar also gives you an option to check the tasks that you have completed. This you can check under the column “Done”.

[advt]Coolendar is more than simply yet another calendar app. It doesn’t promise the capability of mapping out each second of your day but what it does do is a lot better than that – it allows you to manage your time and tasks without having to complicate anything. It is  a new level of planning software. Something simple that works for you, without the noise of handling a calendar or tasks app. Coolendar is a brand new way to manage your time. It allows its users to create their own calendar and then populate these simply by entering a command. The syntax is easy to learn, straightforward and it means that user can add multiple events to your calendar within a matter of seconds.

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