Airtel Messenger GPRS Based Community Chat – Send IM to 57070

Airtel Messenger offers the power of text chatting within a personalized set of communities. This service gives you the advantage of having the same experience as that of a desktop chat service like Yahoo Messenger. You can now send and receive messages in real-time without the need to be attached to a computer. The service offers you various personalized options of usage such as status-tag option like Online, Offline, I am busy or In a meeting. It also gives you the advantage of conveying multiple emotions while conversing through the usage of emoticons. Its Presence Enabled address book allows you to know when your contacts are online. You need to pay a monthly rental of Rs 50 for unlimited messaging.

How to download airtel messenger?

You can send IM to 57070 to download the airtel messenger on your GPRS enabled handset. To subscribe, ensure you have airtel live! GPRS service enabled for your number. If not, call airtel customer care to get the service and get the settings installed on your phone. Once you get the airtel live GPRS connection enabled, download the airtel messenger by sending an SMS with keyword IM to 57070. You will receive a service message with a link soon afterwards.

To download and install the airtel messenger on to your phone:

  • Click on the link in the service message sent to your mobile with sender id 57070
  • The airtel messenger registration page will open with your mobile number displayed. Enter your nick name and click on subscribe button
  • After downloading, the messenger it will be automatically installed on to the application folder
  • To login to airtel messenger, you should use airtel live! access point.

When trying to download the airtel messenger on your phone, you will get a self provisioning page where you need to enter your nick name and select download option and click submit. On submitting this data you will be provisioned and username and password will be sent to you as a SMS.

After installing the messenger on to the phone application folder, click on the specific application to launch the messenger.

Once launched, it will prompt you for the username and the password. You need to enter the correct username and password given by the service provider. A home screen with options like buddies, send message, conversations, my status, preferences, about and logout will be displayed.

To set the preferences you need to select the Preferences option in menu. You can enable/disable the

  • Username
  • Password
  • Showing of off line buddies in the buddy screen,
  • Message alert tone while incoming message.
  • (By default, all these options are set to “enabled”.)

In the settings screen you have the options to enter the username, the password and proxy settings.

How to use airtel messenger?

You can create a buddy list and add a buddy to buddy list by clicking the menu command in buddies screen.

If you have logged in for the first time, you will need to create at least one buddy list before adding a buddy to the specified buddy list.

Once you add the buddies to your buddy list, you can chat with your buddies.

For your friends, who are not in your buddy list, click on the Send Message option, which is available on the home screen of the messenger.

You can send messages to offline buddies also. The buddy will receive the messages the next time he/she logs in.

You can set your presence status (Online /Invisible/Busy ), status text and mood from the list of predefined moods available in My Status screen.

The incoming messages will be known with an audio alert.

To get an audio alert you need to set the Message audio alert parameters to “Enable ” in preferences option and you also need to check the device settings to get the audio alert for incoming message. You can add 100 buddies per buddy list. [source]

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