WLIrc – Wireless IRC Client for Java Cell Phones Download

WLIrc is an IRC Client for Java cell phones or any other device who support java MIDP 1.0. It will automatically grab URLs, save them for copy and paste or post them to your del.icio.us account. Semi-transparent windows let you keep track of various conversations at a glance.  WirelessIRC connects you to any IRC network while you’re on the move. Be in touch with your friends everywhere at any time. With the help of WirelessIRC’s Auto-Completion of commands, channels and nicknames, you can chat more comfortably and quicker.

Download WLIrc 

Features of WirelessIRC:

  • Runs on any J2ME device.
  • Support multiple windows.
  • Support connection througt an http gateway for devices who doesnt support sockets. (List of available servers)
  • Saves configuration on the phone for later use. That means that you need only one click to connect and join your favorite channels.
  • Auto-Completion of common IRC commands, channel- and nick-names
  • Semi-transparent text input field, popup windows and menus
  • Connect to multiple IRC servers at the same time
  • “Private” chats get a separate window each
  • [advt]Auto-parsing of URLs for copy & paste or posting to del.icio.us
  • Simple Twitter-interface for /away and /me messages
  • Auto-scanning and -connection to configured WLAN access points
  • Bonjour Local Chat (via WLAN only, a phone with WLAN capabilities required!)
  • CTCP support (+ PING and VERSION via menu)
  • Supports IRC color codes and text-formatting
  • Fullscreen-mode
  • SSL for secure connections to certain IRC servers.



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