Adult Entertainment to Use Latest Mobile Technology

“3rd Annual Mobile Adult Content Congress” was held in Miami, Florida in January 2008, [link] where adult entertainment and technology companies are brainstorming over how to make mobile porn a viable business. The key to development of mobile porn may be willingness by cell phone providers to open their networks to more content. Mobile carriers need to provide Web filters and age verification systems to help keep minors from adult sites.

It is expected that mobile porn will be more prevalent around 2009 in the USA, when there will be more phones that can show high-quality graphics. The new generation phones like iPhone is ideal for viewing porn due to its graphics and web-browser that mimics computer browsers. Most phones have ‘stripped-down’ browsers. A new phone system being built by Google “Google Phone” may also boost consumer choice as the Google has pledged to support any type of mobile software. The latest technology development offers higher quality pictures and video for mobile users.

Revenue from pornography on cell phones in Europe was a $775 million in 2007 that will grow to $1.5 billion by 2012, with the global market reaching $3.5 billion in 2010, according to Britain-based Juniper Research. In comparison, North America generated just $26 million last year as carriers shied away from porn sales. In United States and Canada, mobile porn service gets criticism from the Catholic Church and for that reason the mobile carriers are shying away from it.

[via ibn]

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