Fun: Online Money Making Tips

I know some people who fish for projects online and make quite a lot of $$$ doing everything from graphic design to data entry. I used to work as a freelance writer for oversees clients back in the day while I was still under the impression that I was a good writer. Well, here are a few jobs a few people adapted to earn money.

1. “I don’t wanna work, but it wont hurt to get paid”

Internet Beggars, and tons of them. Online beggars with class and panache, and their own websites. Lets start with this guy, “Prevent My Employment“, and I quote…

” Can you imagine a world where someone as talented as Me was forced to work? It is a scary thought. If I worked I might ruin My manicure, That in itself would be an extreme travesty! This cannot be allowed to happen! These are My nails we’re talking about! Stop thinking of yourself and send Me some non-tax deductible money. I don’t want to work. I am sure you can spare a dollar here a dollar there.”


So basically, he does not want to go back to work, but he would like to get paid for not working. Ain’t that an interesting proposition. You can see the list of all the idiots who paid him to not work.

I think, the Internet Begging gained momentum with The Million Dollar Homepage [wiki], and Save Karyn [wiki].

2. Don’t have the talent to make money yourself? Find a rich guy online and marry him

This site manages to give the internet and its gold-digger members a bad name in a single stroke. This agency, marry an ugly millionaire online dating agency, claims to assist you in doing exactly that. Well, the quality of design of the website does not say much about the website, or the ingenuity of the people who came up with the idea. Being a member does not say much about your character either.

3. Will do anything for pay? Become a professional fart analyst

Well, its not just bums who don’t want to work that hit the internet and make a smudge. Some people would do just about anything to get paid. Here is the job requirement for “Flatulence Analyst“. The job involves smelling the gaseous exhaust from the rear end of research subjects who have managed to consume their body weight in beans.

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