60% of the World Population to Have a Mobile Phone by End of 2008

According to the International Telecom Union (ITC), the number of mobile phone users to exceed 4 billion, or 61% of the world’s 6.7 billion people, in December 2008.

Cheaper phones and calls, together with poor landlines infrastructure, has led to a huge uptake in demand in India, China and South America.

China has 600 million and India has 296 million subscribers.

Acording to the study, growth in India is huge, in August alone 19 million users were added. Africa will also be a phenomenal market, because of poor fixed-line infrastructure 60 percent of users first access to telecommunications will be through mobile phones.

Europe has been at saturation point since 2003 as everyone who wants a phone has already got one.

Mobile broadband is also taking off in developing countries, with several countries in south-east Asia having already launched 3G networks, which are set to bring in tens of million more subscribes in the next few years. [source]

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