Samsung Pixon Camera Phone – The Web 2.0 Camera Phone!

Samsung Pixon Camera Phone

The Samsung Pixon Camera Phone is expected to hit the US careers by mid of October 2008.

It features an 8 megapixel camera featuring a 3.2 inch large touch screen, advanced image filters, assisted GPS with GEO tagging, face detection, auto focus, 16x zoom, 7.2 MBPS HSDPA, video shooting, FM radio, a multi-format music player an Bluetooth capability. It features 200 MB memory and you can add more with an SD card.

The Samsung Pixon Camera Phone has a full 3.2 inches large touchscreen with 262K colour WQGVA TFT LCD, giving you fast and easy access to an array of features. The big touch screen gives your 8MP photos the perfect place to be framed and viewed whilst also making web browsing, answering a call and listening to music fast and easy. Together they are housed in a slim (13.8mm thick) stylish design that fits perfectly in the pocket.

The Samsung Pixon Camera Phone has a top-end 8MP digital camera. The 8 Megapixel camera gives depth and quality to your photos, which translates into high quality prints. It comes with auto focus and full zoom (x16). The camera uses advanced shake technology, which eliminates any picture distortion due to shaky hands. The Pixon camera can adjust the brightness automatically. The camera phone allows the contrast and highlights settings to be altered manually so the camera can pick out details that would normally get lost.


Above all, you will be able to pinpoint the faces in your picture for optimal portraits. It is one of several focusing features to ensure the right element is crystal clear.

It allows you to automatically tag your photos and then sort by person. Take another picture, and the phone will automatically recognize anyone previously tagged. Wow!

The camera automatically detects when someone is smiling then takes the photo, ensuring you capture the best moments.

The Pixon has GPS facility, allowing every photo to be geo tagged with its longitude and latitude of where it was taken. Photos can then be uploaded to web maps.

Pixon can stitch your photos together automatically for a full panoramic photograph. Simply take the first photo then line up the next photo as soon as the two images align the Pixon will take the next.

The pixon camera phone has not only 30fps D1(720×480) recording but also 120fps for QVGA video more frames per second. The end result is more detail in your video recording as well. It also supports DivX.

The dual power red helps with still photography but can also be used with video recording. Perfect for shooting in dim or dark conditions.

Pixon allows video and photography to be easily edited and then shared easily to your social networking sites and blogs.


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