Flypp Mobile Application Platform for Mobile Operators from Infosys

Infosys Technologies recently launched Flypp, an application platform which will empower mobile service providers to delight digital consumers through a host of ready-to-use experiential applications across the universe of devices. [press release]

Flypp from Infosys is a ‘Ready to Launch’ Application platform for mobile operators. This “operator-centric” platform enables mobile operators to offer a bouquet of applications, including third party ones to its subscribers with a rich and engaging customer experience. The platform can be easily integrated into operator’s current technology environment and can also plug-and- play with their existing on-deck applications.

Flypp also provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) a viable and attractive channel to showcase and monetize their proprietary applications across multiple regions and service providers. The platform also includes an Application Toolbox to test and certify the satisfactory operation of applications on service provider environments.


Flypp Application Platform

Flypp is a white labeled, ready-to-launch application platform for mobile operators that enables monetization through ready-to-use experiential applications across devices.

The operator-centric application platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of users and their device profile. It reduces operational risk and overheads, while accelerating innovation. Flypp empowers users with a broad spectrum of ready-to-use experiential applications.

Key Modules of Flypp

Technical Services Platform: This plug-and-play platform hosts and retails applications. It comprises of:

  • Application delivery platform enabling hosting and delivery of applications
  • Consumer facing application retailing platform providing white labeled retailing capability for the applications portfolio. This may be delivered as an operator-branded application store or as a ‘retailing zone’ on the operator’s existing application store
  • Operator facing integration layer enabling integration of the applications portfolio with the operator’s IT systems (CRM, Billing, SDP and so on) and network (messaging,location based service and so on), while exposing the right network capabilities to create rich applications

Ecosystem Management Platform: This platform enables the management of ecosystem partners such as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Business-to-Business (B2B) associates, who in turn license their proprietary applications and content to be made accessible on the operator’s application storefront. Infrastructure integral to the ecosystem management platform include:

  • Developer portal to manage partners and the business workflow
  • Royalty reporting to manage revenues in collaboration with ecosystem partners
  • Application toolbox to test and certify applications submitted by partners
  • B2B Value delivery platform to integrate applicationswith the IT backend of B2B associates
  • ISV Developer API to integrate ISV partners’ proprietary applications with internal capability (such as billing, userprofile, messaging, location and B2B capability) toenable live delivery of applications to the operator’sconsumers

Mobile Application Software Portfolio: Flypp presents a portfolio of ready to retail applications. The content and genre of the applications, including those from partners in the ecosystem, are tailored based on operatorspecific parameters such as region, consumer base and handset profile of the user base.

Business Services: Business services offered include:

  • Customization of the application retailing platform in addition to catalogue management, pricing, promotion and campaign management
  • Soliciting, on-boarding and certification of ISV partners and applications
  • Soliciting, on-boarding and management of B2B partners
  • Support for product planning associated with merchandise on the application storefront
  • Integration of the technical services platform with the operator’s IT systems and network

Business Benefits of Flypp

Accelerated Time-to-Market: With its certified, pre-developed experiential applications and technology services platform that can be easily integrated with the operator’s existing IT infrastructure, Flypp is a truly read-to-launch platform.

It provides an environment that nurtures synergy between operators, B2B partners and application developers, which can be effectively leveraged by operators to drive new offerings to the market, faster than ever before.

Robust Inclusivity Framework: Flypp helps mobile operators smoothly hurdle challenges posed by the multiplicity of mobile devices, to provide experiential applications that can be tailored to meet their customer base’s handset profile. This enables operators to increase their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) across various customer segments, ranging from the digital consumer to the more conventional sections of the masses. Increased Customer Stickiness Throwing open new modes of rapid services innovation, Flypp creates new avenues to render value added customer service.

Content for consumption is regularly updated, based on insights from cutting edge consumer analytics. The platform’s application recommendation system ensures that consumers view new and immersive content after every visit to the application store, thus minimizing store fatigue. This engenders customer loyalty, reduces churn and improves customer stickiness.

Minimized Operational Risk: The ecosystem management services, an integral aspect of Flypp, ensure that operators invest minimal bandwidth for the launch and sustenance of the application ecosystem. This significantly mitigates operational risks as well as burdensome overheads for the business.

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