youcalc – Web-Based Application for Analyzing and Reporting Data from SaaS

youcalc is a web-based application for analyzing and reporting on data from most on-demand/SaaS systems. It  provides instant and actionable insight with a few clicks in your browser – no software, no setup, no training. youcalc is a real-time analytics platform. This means that it do not store your data – your data stays safely in your on-demand systems. Whenever you use youcalc simply connect real-time to your data, wherever the data is, and analyze live on the data.

It is not a free service.

[advt]It also means that you don’t waste time uploading your data to youcalc or keeping it synchronized. With youcalc there is no database or data warehouse to set up, just start your browser and start analyzing your live data. You can literally get started in minutes – absolutely zero technical skills required

youcalc offers a graphical and intuitive interface for performing any type of reporting and analysis on your data – no technical skills required. This includes not only the classical pivot tables, sorting, filtering, slice-and-dice, rank, etc. It also lets you create any type of custom analysis, using a full mathematical and logical function library. youcalc lets you analyze data across multiple dimensions and over time using extremely powerful and flexible pivot functions.


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