PubMatic – Ad Management Service

PubMatic is the world’s first service for web publishers that automates and optimizes ad serving decisions. PubMatic simplifies the online publishing business by determining in real-time which ad network can best monetize each ad impression for a publisher. PubMatic also simplifies ad network management by giving publishers one set of ad tags and one integrated reporting interface across multiple ad networks.

[advt]PubMatic’s ad monetization and management solution combines impression-level ad auction technology, the most comprehensive brand protection tools, and enterprise ad operations support to give the Web’s premium publishers the most control over their revenue and brand.

PubMatic is the natural choice if you want to maximize your ad serving revenue and reduce the hassle. It is the leader in ad inventory optimizations. It is the first commercially available service that works on behalf of publishers to increase their revenues and it has the deepest ad network support.

PubMatic works with some of the biggest and best brands in online publishing, but It respect the publisher’s privacy and do not publish their names without their permission.



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