Watch or Cell Phone for Telling Time?

Do you use your wristwatch or cellphone for telling time? Gizmodo runs a poll on this topic now. The current poll result says two-thirds of the people (63%) use cell phones for reading time than using wrist watches.

I don’t wear a wrist watch. I did not wear it even on my wedding day! Why do I need to have the watch just to know the time when I have the cell phone or the laptop in front of me almost always? After all, I don’t even want to use the wristwatch as an ornament! I use a watch when going for camping or hiking to remote places, when I may have to restrict mobile phone usage, or when I have to switch of the phone in the night for saving battery power for the next day.

Moreover, the mobile phones provide functions like count down, alarm, reminder, etc. which in general a watch won’t provide. In India, common man use mobile phones with LED as torch lights to help them in the night. Even the common man’s cell phones are now really a multi purpose device – voice calls, SMS, FM radio, MP3 player, voice recorder, games, still camera, video camera, current time, alarm, reminder, to do list, torch light, etc.!

Do you wear a wristwatch? Do you read time from it or cell phone? Check out the Gizmodo poll.

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