Woopra – Web Analytics Service, Generates Statistics of User in Website

woopra_logoWoopra is a web analytics service, generates live detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. The service is provided in real-time using a desktop application. It added Email Reports during the beta testing phase and will be totally reworking these for release soon. Woopra Members will be able to customize stats and analytic reports per day, week, or month and receive them automatically in their email inbox. Stay tuned for news and updates.

[advt]Woopra does a good job of tracking downloads of files from your site as long as the file format is recognizable from the page it is embedded on. However, in some cases files may be linked to via some sort of tracking or redirect URL, and when that happens it is impossible for Woopra to know a download is occurring.

Segmentation is the method of separating or segmenting your data into groups. For instance, if you want to find out how your social media efforts are working, you can check the Analytics panel on the Woopra Desktop Client under Referrers for various social media networks and groups. To analyze specific information on a referrer or visitor, right click on them and choose Analyze to create a custom filtered report.


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