Innovid – Web Service for Video Advertising

innovid_logoInnovid is a video advertising start up on web, it develops an interactive pre-roll advertising product, called iRoll, that allows advertisers to turn any existing pre-roll video ad into an interactive one. And users are encouraged to click and perform mouse gestures with the interactive ads to gain further information.

Innovid has integrated iRoll in campaigns for a number of high-profile brands including Kraft, Buick, Hyundai, Disney Pictures, and Sony. And the startup’s publishers include 80% of the web?s top video publishers including partnerships with NBC, MTV, Fox, and Tremor Media. The funding and partnership with Deutsche Telekom will help the startup hire additional staff and expand to mobile, connected-tv and European markets.

[advt]The Innovid Studio Authoring environment can support just about any type of in-video interaction over many types of video content. It also support dynamic targeting, letting you change rich media elements according to time or location. Innovid Studio combines existing video with synchronized rich media. All media can be dynamically changed by Innvoid`s servers, so that the same ad is served to different audiences, at different times, with different media that is current and relevant to each audience. Innovid Studio is easy to use and offers pre-existing templates, making the process simple and streamlined.

Innovid Analytics takes all the second-by-second information created by viewer interaction, and presents it so you can measure results and optimize them.


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