Minigroup – Free Service for Creating Private Groups

Minigroup is a free service for creating private groups in which you can share files, calendars, and announcements. Within your account you can create multiple private groups so that you can have a group for sharing with friends, a group for sharing with colleagues, and a group for sharing with students. In each of your Minigroup groups you can post and invite people to events, post reminders, and share files. It postings are hid from search engines and anyone who is not invited into your group.

It is a completely private platform that lets you share the right stuff with the right people, without intrusion from strangers, friends-of-friends, or search engines, all from a single account. Use custom identities to share appropriate personal information with various groups.


Made for working in groups

  • Unlimited groups: Instantly create as many groups as you need. For projects, clients, classes, anything.
  • Set meetings, flag dates: Easy event system for groups or individuals. Export to most calendar apps.
  • Post to individuals: Send private messages and files to people in any of your groups. Just click post and choose People.
  • Easy invitations: Invite people to groups by email, link, or Gmail contacts. It’s safe and easy.
  • Easy image sharing: Create slideshows easily by dragging single or multiple images to posts or comments.

Great for sharing files

  • Share any kind of file: Images, docs, zips, mp3s, you name it. Just drag a file to a post or comment.
  • Attach files to comments: Follow-up and collaborate on files in any post, with drag- and-drop ease.
  • Share and store big files: Share files up to 1GB in size with 10GB storage.
  • Find files faster : easily browse attachments, watch slideshows, and play audio across all posts in your pro groups.

Stay organized and in control

  • Control who can: post to a group  Be the sole author of posts, or designate others.
  • Search your posts or tags: Add #hashtags to improve findability. Click them to search, or enter a new term in the field.
  • Stay focused with group folders : Keep activity from related groups together. It’s your personal view.
  • Custom profiles for each group: Change your picture and personal info to suit different groups.
  • Sort by posts or activity: Stay up-to-date in the way that works for you.

Other cool features

  • Stay connected on the go: Use Minigroup on any smartphone with  streamlined mobile site.
  • Bookmarklet: Share web sites and content to your Minigroups without leaving the page.
  • Drag and drop: From your computer to Minigroup — into posts, comments, even profile pics.
  • Playlists: Play tracks from a group, or multiple pro groups, as playlists.


  • Simple, clean, and easy: Click post to post or share. Click comment to comment. No learning curve or cutesy jargon.
  • Stop wondering: Who can see this? Nobody sees your group or its posts unless they’re in it. You’re in control.
  • No ads, nagging, or distractions: Built for you, not advertisers. It don’t sell your data or snoop in your groups.
  • Private by default: No accidental sharing or embarrassment. Allow members to invite others if you want.

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