WinSCP FTP client for Microsoft Windows – Download for Free

WinSCP (Windows Secure CoPy)is  a  small, free and open source SFTP and FTP client for Microsoft Windows. Its main function is secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers basic file manager and file synchronization functionality. For secure transfers, it uses Secure Shell (SSH) and supports the SCP protocol in addition to SFTP.

WinSCP is based on the implementation of the SSH protocol from PuTTY and FTP protocol from FileZilla. It is also available as a plugin for two file managers, FAR and Altap Salamander.


  • Graphical user interface
  • Translated into several languages
  • Integration with Windows (Drag-and-drop, URL, shortcut icons)
  • All common operations with files(Uploading files, Downloading files, Renaming files,Deleting files etc)
  • Support for SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2 and plain old FTP protocol [advt]
  • Batch file scripting and command-line interface
  • Integrated text editorExplorer and Commander interfaces
  • Optionally stores session information
  • Able to upload files and retain associated original date/timestamps


WinSCP does not support commands that require terminal emulation or user input.Terminal emulation cannot be implemented at all as it is not possible to combine terminal emulation and file transfers in the same session. The reason is that with terminal emulation control characters have special meaning that is interpreted by the server. On the other hand the same characters (bytes) have special meaning in the file transfer protocols or may be simply present in the (binary) files being transferred.If you happen to try execute command requiring terminal emulation, it will typically refuse to run with error message like “Error opening terminal”, “No TTY available”.

Download WinSCP

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